Sampler: BODYARMOR Sports Drink

Today we get one Saturday Sampler, a 16 oz bottle of BODYARMOR Sports Drink.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Shows 16 varieties under offer details.  Make sure to scan the Fetch Rewards APP; might as well get at least 25 points from your purchase, since the holidays are rapidly approaching and free gift cards are good gift cards.

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4 thoughts on “Sampler: BODYARMOR Sports Drink

  1. check your just u, just in case:
    i got:
    $1 off any frozen item
    $1 off any o ‘organics item
    $1 off any boxed cereal
    $1 off any produce

    I have gotten these in the past – they seem to be random

    • My husband gets those all the time, except this week? I rarely get them, so yes random. Watch your registers closely because even if he has double checked them and put them in his cart, they almost never work! He gets the $1 off any refrigerated yogurt or $1 off any bakery item as well. We thought possibly it meant any ONE ITEM over $1, but even then the frozen pizza priced $3.50 never worked. We’d get the yogurt priced at $1 and that didn’t work either. So frustrating too because we never seem to figure out the secret to getting them to come off. I am almost relieved when they do not show up on our accounts!

      • Jane,
        My Jewel educated me… If you click on the $1 coupon, it will show you which products you have to buy to qualify. Sometimes, it’s anything, but sometimes it’s specific products.

        • Thanks Rose! I thought I did that 1 time, like it showed O Organics tomato paste $1.49, and I got that and it still did not work.

          I will make sure and choose an item it shows next time and double click it like they always say and we will hope it works.

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