Poor people dining

Always hard to break down dinner costs, but here goes:  25¢ for the stick of unsalted butter,  $1.98 for two lobster tails, 88¢ for a bag of shredded cabbage blend (homemade mayo), all from Jewel deals.  The most expensive part was the farmers market green beans ’cause they’re nutsy high, but PITA loves their stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Poor people dining

  1. We had ours yesterday too! How did you cook your lobster tails? I have never done that before, so I googled it and watched a video on grilling them. I made garden broccoli with mashed potatoes as sides and made extra butter/garlic/herb mixture to put over all and it took me all day (including grill prep and cleanup!)

    It was just OK…I won’t be making any more, that’s for sure! Not worth my time. It was SO MESSY! Husband said you got about 3 bites of lobster meat per tail, maybe 1 ounce? And we ate 2 tails EACH! I know why it’s so expensive to order it in a restaurant now.

    You should have PITA plant some beans in your backyard. I have a literal jungle of climbing Chinese long beans along with normal bush beans going crazy right now in my garden! Best crop of beans to date!!!

    • This is embarrassing because I have lots of Heirloom dried beans from prior harvests & keep forgetting to pull them out – extremely prolific! Will do right now.

      Okay, back now to the lobster – it’s super fast & easy to cook, but anytime you get a guy and a grill involved it’s suddenly rocket science. Put thawed tails in a shallow pan in the toaster oven (solid side down), set it on broil until the flesh is solid white-looking, then remove. Butter was nuked – at that point you could add any herbs or spices. A pair of kitchen shears to cut down the non-shell side of the tail and crack apart. Put on plate and enjoy dipping the meat into butter. Ate THREE, while PITA had one ’cause, imo, she was too lazy to get up & cut one on her own 🙂

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