Panic Buying: The Sequel

Just when it seemed that grocery shopping might be returning to normal, we may find ourselves back to where we were a few months ago. Some stores that recently lifted purchase limits on high-demand items are reinstating them, in anticipation of more panic buying and more shortages.

H-E-B and some Kroger stores are among the grocers reimposing stricter limits on the number of certain items that shoppers can buy. H-E-B in Texas has released a full list of mostly nonfood items that shoppers will no longer be able to buy to their hearts’ content. Some are unsurprising, like toilet paper, paper towels and antibacterial products, which will once again be limited to two purchases apiece. But there are some new items on the purchase-limit list, including Pepcid and other acid relief products, which now come with a limit of one. This comes as some scientists are looking into whether famotidine, Pepcid’s active ingredient, can be used to treat COVID-19. Also making the purchase-limit list is brisket – it is Texas, after all.  Okay, that’s weird.  For more, read the article in Coupons in the News.

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