Panera Free Coffee – 3 more months

As Jane notes, Panera has extended their free coffee and free refills subscription program.  Three months of unlimited free coffee.  You must enter a credit card, but cancel at any time online, via their APP or phone, so get yourself some freebies.

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5 thoughts on “Panera Free Coffee – 3 more months

  1. My doesn’t either. I guess it is for select customers. I have gotten free bagels and sweets several times in the past, just not lately.

  2. Welcome to the unlimited coffee! I have been getting it off and on since the Pandemic struck. We still cannot eat indoors…but I manage to walk in and get my coffee about every other day! We love their Asiago cheese bagels, and tomorrow (every Tues!) you can get 13 for $6.99. I get that deal and freeze the rest and they taste just like fresh. I have been using my gift cards to save even more. No one can compare to Panera bagels in our opinion.

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