No Cartwheel: new loyalty program + meh

Six years after its introduction, Target’s Cartwheel discount program will soon be no more. But don’t panic – the name might be going away, but the discounts won’t be. Instead, they’ll be incorporated into Target’s new loyalty program, which will roll out nationwide next month.

But unlike other rewards programs that give you greater benefits the more loyal you are, this program is designed to benefit shoppers who aren’t quite as loyal to Target as you might be. So if you’re looking forward to big rewards for being a big Target spender, don’t get your hopes up too high.

“Target Circle” will officially become available to Target shoppers across the country on Sunday, October 6th, a year and a half after it was first introduced in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, and about eight months after it expanded to several other test cities. If you’re a REDcard credit or debit card holder, or have a account, you’ll be enrolled automatically. The big selling point is the ability to earn a 1% rebate on every Target purchase, which can be redeemed on a later shopping trip. But crucially, that 1% discount cannot be stacked with the 5% savings offered by Target’s REDcard – it’s one or the other.  Read all about it here.

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