new zip code deals at Jewel

In the Jewel JFU APP, change your store to 1500 S Lee St, Des Plaines 60018 (or 60016).  Under the “Weekly Ad Coupons” category, add these deals to My List for the week of 10/28-11/3:

– Signature Select frozen pizza (boxed), 12-33.5 oz = $1 .99
– Signature Farms spinach 8 oz = 49¢
– Ocean Spray Clementines 3 lb bag = $1.49
– Lucerne 1 lb butter = 99¢
– Purchase $50 in qualified groceries = $5 off

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10 thoughts on “new zip code deals at Jewel

  1. I tried the spinach today and it didnt work for me.
    Do we have to change back to our store after clipping or should i just keep the 1500 S Lee St, Des Plaines 60018 as my store?

    • Left it on 60018 when I shopped last night and none of these deals came off. At customer service for money back (since deals did show on my List) & another person charged full price for Vienna hot dogs, so I’m gonna just say JFU is a hot mess.

    • I redeemed them all Friday, so nothing new to test. Frankly, if they’re making offers only valid at a Home store, there’s gonna be a crap ton of unhappy shoppers. Like those who stopped at another location while out & about who might not be shopping at Jewel otherwise.

    • i attempted the 8oz spinach on Monday evening in a suburb not far from Des Plaines, and it didn’t work, just ringing up at the regular price of $2.50.

        • Unlikely, at this point. Jewel warehouse has been a crapshoot lately for me & while I’ve never had an issue with customer service making things right, it’s just one more hoop I don’t need to jump through. Now free pie would be nice to see again 🙂

      • as a follow-up, i bought everything above at the Lee St store (with the exception of $50 total purchases; i can’t recall the last time i cracked $30 in a transaction) on late night 11/3, and it all indeed worked.

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