edit: New week, new zip codes

The .99 Jimmy Dean includes turkey varieties and those have a $1 Ibotta rebate which scanned just fine a minute ago!  Don’t forget to add those 2X bonus meat & seafood JFU coupons.
Start of a new sale week, so once again it’s time to play Check your Store and see what JFU freebie or cheapie you can get by switching locations! Switch to 60025 or 60559 for 49¢ Signature Select frozen vegetables, 49¢ Signature Farms baby cut carrots, 49¢ Bumble Bee chunk light tuna and 99¢ Lucerne chunk and shred cheese.  Also showing 99¢ Jimmy Dean sausage links, patties and rolls and $5 rotisserie chicken plus a 3/$10 price on the Jimmy Dean items.  Although the items will disappear from your list once you change stores, they’ll reappear when you swap back, but still come off no matter where you shop. Jewel is making us work for deals!

Mark shows 60193 as having all these and a few other offers under Items you Buy, so check that zip out as well. Note that some people might have better deals as personalized prices – the ones I list above can be grabbed by everyone.  If you see something in another zip, please comment – I’ve checked quite a few other ones with nothing.

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3 thoughts on “edit: New week, new zip codes

  1. The Jimmy Dean also has $1/1 ibotta for precooked turkey sausage! Mine shows expiring tomorrow, yet the time stamp says 2 am 2-28…..so hopefully it will still be showing when I buy it tomorrow!

  2. Watch your 49c frozen veggies, I picked petite peas 16 oz. bag and it rang at $1.79
    CS refunded me after showing on my phone the correct item. I am guessing the non petite peas would have worked, I just saw these and since the frozen chopped spinach bags were also $1.79 and they have worked for the personalized price of 88c in many prior weeks, I assumed the peas would work. Get the cheaper bags or watch your registers!
    Oh…the 49c cans of tuna will be that same price for the masses all weekend. I just looked at the ad! (I bought a can today with my 49c J4U)

    • I remember a similar deal with vegetables where it didn’t specify select ones and the artichoke hearts I wanted rang full price; customer service gave them to me, but you’re right, you always have to double-check. I didn’t see that in the ad, nor did PITA and she usually scans that thing! FirstBorn was just saying yesterday he wanted some and I told him about the limit one deal, so this is great news. and very odd he’d want to eat something healthy…

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