My Whole Foods online order

Going even further down that online shopping rabbit hole  – – just placed a Whole Foods order with delivery this evening.  Not that I have a life before then, but it was their first opening.  A Jewel Pita and I stopped at on the way to her LaGrange orthodontist had an entire wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano along with smaller wedges for $18.99/lb.  Aged, Italian, etc., the real deal.  Since my local store doesn’t have room for huge selections of various cheeses (do not bring up Lucerne shreds, please), I bought two pounds of Parmigiano Reggiano and one of LIVRADOIS Blue D’Auvergne (the blue will be ignored by everyone else) and at the last minute threw in a bottle of lemongrass essential oil used in the warm mist vaporizers – smells like you cleaned all day 🙂  The Parmigiano was $2 more than Jewel, but no way I’m driving out to save a few bucks.  If shopping gets any more convenient, my pants will be marked Wide Load on the rear.  omg, they have wonderful cheese pages.

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