more Wags shopping – free TRESemme

Bought two $3.99 TRESemme and one Crest toothpaste marked in red (sale), which put me over that new $10 minimum for pick-up orders, Used $2 coupon for Crest and $4/2 for TRESemme. Total was 75¢ after redeeming $5 in Wags Cash; earned back $5.05.  I swap out shampoo every day or so for variety so I’m pleased as punch.  Another big hit on the Discover card 🙂

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2 thoughts on “more Wags shopping – free TRESemme

  1. PSA – I placed an almost $51 order (before tax) so that I could take advantage of a $10 reward when you spend $50. I printed the entire order so that I could check the estimated rewards $24.10 against my store receipt. It matched so I thought I was getting a smoking deal. Bottom line when I. checked my account I received $13.04 because of some random $2 off promotional savings that even they could not tell me why I got it. I called customer service they said too bad the computer did it. The $24.10 is only an estimate and not a guarantee. So much for working a deal.

    • omg, that’s horrible! I know if you clip a coupon & the deal is cancelled by them you lose that digital coupon although rewards cash returns within a few hours. My one & only (forever!) customer experience was using my poor Discover card where some glitch showed a window saying to call customer service, whose response was that my Walgreens acct hadn’t been activated and now it was. Made no sense whatsoever, wasn’t the case, said thanks & used Visa. Useless as tits on a bull.

      So of course Walgreens is thrilled booster vaccine shots are coming – they desperately need us meat sacks in the door. Every time I pick up an order it’s crickets.

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