More free sanitizer & wipes at Jewel

gawd, I loathe the Jewel APP.  Go to your U™ account, click Free Offers and you should see the Mediwiper wipes and Pro hand sanitizer offers; both Pita and I got these, but maybe you’ll get something more fun.

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2 thoughts on “More free sanitizer & wipes at Jewel

  1. I could only find the 8 ounce bottle of hand sanitizer. My store had no clue either of these were free or reset. I just got the mediwipes and those were up at the CS desk. Shelf only has the 10 packs for $1?

    • The puny ones were not next to the larger size, but all the way off to the side; I actually spotted them by accident. If Jewel spent as much money on their crappy APP as they do on promotions (all employees wearing blue tees & caps for Fresh Pass or that freaky JoJo lunch bag no kid would carry), Aldi wouldn’t be biting their ass.

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