Late July snacks at Dollar Tree

Didn’t know this was a pricey item elsewhere (like Whole Foods), but bacon habanero was the lure, not the organic yellow corn, although that should have been the tip off 🙂 Check your local Dollar Tree ’cause these are AWESOME.  September dates, but that one bag didn’t last the day 🙁  Have to head back tomorrow for more.

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4 thoughts on “Late July snacks at Dollar Tree

  1. What size is the bag? I show this on Saving Star for $1 but mine is grayed out in Checkout 51. I’m guessing that corn is a grain….and the offer says “no Grain” on SS?

    • the SS and CO51 descriptions say “grain-free, corn-free”, so they’re distinct, yet being mentioned in tandem. the description and pictured bag indicates Tigernut flour is the main component. so i don’t think the dollar tree item will apply, and the rebate-eligible type(s) is/are probably super expensive.

      as for the CO51 graying out (mine is still lit up), did you clip the offer on SavingStar (i did not)? that’s often the cause.

      • Yes! Stupid me always clips the offers on anything I may want before I realize it will void the other offer. I just claim stuff on my husbands when I don’t have it since he doesn’t use SS and sometimes his offers are better than mine!

  2. These are their standard 5.5 oz bags; offers are probably for their potato chips ’cause crackers wouldn’t count either. At least I get Fetch Rewards points 🙂

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