Last of the Monopoly Freebies

Sad but true, it’s the last of the Monopoly freebies – last post turned out to be the penultimate trip, since there was another binder clip in the pouch – oops ๐Ÿ™‚ย  They substituted the 2 oz weird-ass brand of hand sanitizer for the house brand, but everything else was fine.ย  Oy, so much salad dressing on the shelf – now to find safe lettuce.

On a completely different note, Jewel has been ordering the 99ยข Jack Link JFU jerky but it never comes in – they’ll still order it, but I’d guess the warehouse never got stock.

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3 thoughts on “Last of the Monopoly Freebies

  1. I got lucky my store substituted a beautiful bottle of Meyer’s hand soap for the O Organics I had free monopoly for! I also got the off brand mini hand sanitizer, which was used months ago. (I thought you had to claim all your freebies by May 1st or something?) I didn’t have very many to get this time.

    • *oh! my store only had turkey jack’s links the other day and yesterday they had pepper and teriyaki, so we have our 4 already.

      My friend in Elgin was able to get bigger 4 oz. packages right from day one. I’d try another store. Could they be snatching them as fast as they come in?

    • The May 28th date was extended to July 28th because so many of the products either weren’t available or were iffy. We decided not to wait until the last minute.

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