Las Vegas Photos on the Fly

FirstBorn is spending the week in Vegas at a business convention and sent some photos – the Arc du Triomphe is about 6 stores tall!  Took a cab from his hotel (Hooters, if you can believe it!) for a trip of about a mile and paid almost $50!  Beat feet, boy!   Paid about $30 for one of those all-you-can-eat buffets with lots of prime rib, which made his evening 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Photos on the Fly

  1. If he likes buffets, have him do the $49.99 24 hour pass. You get Rio, Paris, Harrah’s, Flamingo, & Planet Hollywood, there is an upgrade to include Caesars. Anyway, best deal is go like at 6:00 pm Thursday night for dinner & buy it, then you get to go in as many times as you want. Friday nights are usually more, & you get that with the Thursday price. Then the next day, we do breakfast, lunch, & a enter the last dinner buffet before 6pm. They may have raise the price for 2019 to $59.99. He would need to sign up for a Total Rewards card at any of those casinos to save $10 off the non-rewards price. They don’t comp & have the cheap buffets anymore like the old days. There is a Groupon for the Brazilian Steakhouse in Planet Hollywood if he wants a meat coma. Cab drivers know how to milk rides & purposely take the traffic jammed routes. When we have taken a cab, & I notice he’s headed a slower way, I tell him how to get where I want to go. Hope he has a great time.

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