Jewel Monopoly Freebie Shopping

While I’ve already used lots of the freebie tickets, we’re getting close to the expiration on the Monopoly Instant Winner tickets, so decided to run the rest.  I still have 9 aspirin and a few Open Nature water crackers, but those aren’t in now, so we shall just wait.  If they don’t come in soon, they’ll probably substitute like they have in the past.

I got 54 items and saved 100%, which is just the way I like to shop. No way to determine what the OOP would have otherwise been, since they hit total after every coupon was entered (the only way to be sure the damned registers are working properly).  They also had free sushi samples (just set up the sushi bar).

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2 thoughts on “Jewel Monopoly Freebie Shopping

  1. They have been substituting Bayer 100 count for the Signature aspirin at my store. Also, check the deli for those water crackers. I got that tip when I asked about them at checkout when I couldn’t find them on the shelf with the other crackers! There were tons of people walking around Jewel looking to redeem the coupons on the last day….today!

    • Yeah, just got back from that madhouse – I have NEVER, in over 20 years of shopping at this Jewel – seen it as crowded as it was this evening. I got my water crackers by the deli, as you said, but still out of the Signature aspirin. They’re extending the coupon date, so I’ll wait a bit since they’re all going to the food pantry anyway. I’ll probably end up with Bayer, just like your store, since it’s been my experience that the warehouse never realizes that they need to order more; I still have nine coupons (got a few earlier).

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