Jewel Just F U Deals

So I not only added the Free eggs, the 49¢ 2L Coke, the 99¢ InnovAsian, but thought I’d see if the digital $1 coupon which reduced the InnovAsion to 99¢ was a store or manufacturer coupon (’cause store means free…it’s a mfr).  Not only did nothing come off – – my number was out of the system!  I tried entering repeatedly, the cashier entered the number a couple of times, but each time the register screen said to enter a number.  Front End newbie told me to call the number at the bottom of the receipt.  Told him basically he’s new and doesn’t realize this is Dominick’s Just Fuck U software he’s gonna be dealing with.  Cashier confirmed that this had already happened a couple of times today with missing numbers – when PITA checked out her number went right on through.

And yes, I not only added the coupons, I clicked the boxes once they showed up on My List.  A double-step to save – go team loser…

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1 thought on “Jewel Just F U Deals

  1. Glad it wasn’t just me! Cashier acted like I was trying to personally rip him off. Not my fault my phone number magically left your system, dude. Never thought I’d miss my mixx.😂 Ugh!

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