Jewel Frozen Clearance Shopping

Good thing we made room in the freezer – that ice cream was just taking up too much space!  We stopped in just for the free cereal and from force of habit, checked the frozen clearance end cap – thank you baby jesus!  Everything pictured here came to about $35.  FirstBorn eats out a lot and this way he doesn’t have to put his pants on for dinner 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Jewel Frozen Clearance Shopping

  1. Oh…you mean your first born doesn’t order from Grub hub? LOL….we have several in the neighborhood that also do not like wearing pants! It just kills me when I see these kids doing that.
    I scored today on the eggs and free cereal at Jewel today along with 2 Sabra hummus’ for $2 for both. I had a J4U price of $2 and since they are BOGO this week, it made them BOTH $2! Husband let me try the deal and will go back to get his since he also has the $2 Sabra on his!

    • If you drink milk, make sure to add the 99 cent O Organics half-gallon price to your card – PITA and I both scored one – $1.98 for a gallon of organic milk can’t be beat! I know most people use pita bread for their hummus, but we tried flour tortillas slightly warmed and man, oh, man, we’re not going back!

      I do NOT understand this underwear and pj bottom-wearing generation!

      • Oh yes, we are getting the milk before the sale ends too. (I have a local store with 99c a gallon Borden milk, limit 1 with digital as well!)
        We just eat hummus with Tortilla chips here. Try the Greek one, husband is Greek!

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