Jewel freezer preview complete list (whew!)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  I’ve received many questions about the time the freezers will be available for purchase.  This varies with each store, but fact is that even if the freezers are available for sale, the coupon envelopes are stored separately (since they are considered cash) in the Coop, the bottom drawer of the safe.  This drawer is automatically locked between the hours of 6 pm and 6 am (in my store, others vary).  NO ONE, not even the store director can access that drawer until the timing mechanism allows.  So please call your stores and not only ask about the time, ask when the coupons will be available.  your stores thank you…

UPDATE:  Here is the complete list of freezer coupons from the $160 deal at Jewel on the 27th.  The way it works is you buy your freezer at the register and the cashier notifies CS to bring over the envelope.  At this point you can either take the freezer and coupons and head on home or, if you are planing on redeeming all the coupons at once:  Fill up the cart with all your “free” items, then stop at the CS desk and tell them you are using all your freezer coupons.  This will allow them to dedicate one cashier to your check-out, as it normally takes about 45 minutes to complete the order.  Your Jewel peeps will thank you.  Any mistakes on this list are purely mine because I’ve just realized that I seem to have lost the ability to type error-free…

FREE up to $7.99 on any President Specialty Cheese.
Save $5 off any Artic Shores Shrimp 2-lb bag
FREE up to $5 on any 1 pk of Energizer Max brand batteries (sizes AA/AAA-4, C/D-2, 9v-1)
FREE up to $5.99 Kitchenmate Ice Cream Scoop 1 count
FREE up to $10.49 Sylvania 13 watt CFL 3 pack
FREE up to $4.69 Betty Crocker Parlor Perfect topping 9 oz.
FREE up to $6.99 any one 1.75 quart Blue Bunny premium ice cream
FREE up to $9.99 one Hormel Snack Tray
FREE up to $3.99 McCain Purely Potatoes, good on any one McCain Purely Potatoes
FREE up to $4.99 Culinary Circle cake:  Chocolate Molten; Caramel Blossom; Pineapple Upside Down
FREE up to $6.99 any one Galbani fresh mozzarella product
FREE up to $5.49 one Fisherboy item 9 oz or larger

The following are the new additions:

FREE up to $1.50 Jose Ole Burrito or Chimmichanga 5 oz
FREE up to $3.49 one package of Kelloggs Eggos Waffles any flavor 5.3 oz or larger
FREE up to $2.29 any one variety of Old Orchard 12 oz frozen juice concentrate
FREE up to $3.29 any Rhodes warm and serve rolls
FREE up to 2.39 any one package of Pict Sweet deluxe steamables
FREE up to $4.79 Gino’s East single serve flatbread pizza 7.1 oz to 7.25 oz
FREE up to $2.99 Reames flat egg noodles 12 oz package
FREE up to $9.99 Uno deep dish or flatbread pizza
FREE up to $2.99 Floresta frozen pasta 11-13 oz
FREE up to $6.99 1.5 quart of Dean’s churn ice cream (BOGO 2/24-3/2)
FREE up to $3.99 One On-Cor Entree 28-32 oz
FREE up to $2.69 Hot, Lean, Croissant or Side Pocket 2-4 ct, 6.5 to 11 oz
FREE up to $3.99 WW Smart Ones Breakfast Item
FREE up to $4.49 Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries Product 19 oz
FREE up to $3.99 Lean Cuisine Casual Cuisine Spring Rolls 8 oz
FREE up to $8.49 Palermo’s pizza hand-tossed style or naturally rising (BOGO 3/31-4/6)
FREE up to $3.99 Orv’s Tasty Topping Pizza 15.8-17.1 oz
FREE up to $2.29 any flavor Totinos pizza rolls 15 ct
FREE up to $3.49 DiGiorno small pizza or flatbread melt 5.9 to 10 oz
FREE up to $6.99 Home Run Inn 12″ ultra thin or 10″ classic pizza 16.5 to 20 oz
FREE up to $6.99 Breyer’s Ice Cream 48 oz
FREE up to $2.79 Kid Cuisine Entree

Note:  All coupons show expiration dates of May 31, 2011.

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16 thoughts on “Jewel freezer preview complete list (whew!)

  1. you’re buying paper?? you didn’t stock up on the paper at back to school time for, what was it, almost nothing?? sheesh! I can sell you some of it from my stockpile if you want! you know where I am!!

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    • While the official time is, I think, midnight (for the 24 hr stores), I’ve heard of stores in the past who released the freezers on Saturday. Your best bet is to talk to your local Jewel. Each store has a different number, ranging from about 30 to 50+, depending upon the size of the store and the size of their back room and display area. And no, you don’t stand in line – this isn’t Disneyworld! You just go through the check-out line and tell the cashier you are buying a freezer. They ring you up and call cs to bring over your envelope of coupons. Your freezer gets wheeled to your waiting car and off you go!

      • last year we had to go straight to the service desk to purchase it @ the Yorkville Jewel. There were 2 ppl in front of me when I got there at 7am and they had all ready sold the majority of them. The other Jewel in our area was sold out by 7am and they aren’t even 24 hours! I suggest the earlier the better :o)

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  7. Just wondering if Jill is planning to post the weekly match-ups to the coupon book. I would really appreciate any tips to get more value out of this deal!

    • Jill posts the BOGO coupon match-ups, where you can score two products using the one FREE coupon. She doesn’t normally do the regular ones, since it doesn’t matter what the price is with a freebie. The Dean’s Churn was last week’s BOGO deal, which I marked on the freezer coupon list. I plan to update this as BOGO deals come along.

        • I don’t think that there IS anything this week. I had read that the BOGO Dean’s ice cream, which was originally scheduled to end 3/6, was extended to the 20th and I’ve heard that the Free coupon will work on all varieties of Deans, not just the churned ones. I’ll make a note and each Tuesday or Wednesday post anything or nothing that matches the list. It’s difficult to find the info when you’re just starting out. If I forget (since I haven’t picked up the freezer in a couple of years), hit the contact the goddess tab and send me an email.

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