Jewel Flavor Adventure – how sweet it is

with apologies to Jackie Gleason … Sign up and play Jewel’s new Monopoly game in disguise!  You earn a maximum of FIVE rolls of the die for either purchases or watching short videos (the just because category IMO).  That’s my pick 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Jewel Flavor Adventure – how sweet it is

    • I’m $100 ahead in the game so far, although I went for days without winning anything other than crummy coupons. Just play your 5 alternate entries each day.

      • I finally figured out how to play the alternate way and today they are having technical difficulties! Still have not won anything big….just a couple rewards between hubbys acct and mine. You are getting so lucky! Did you win them on the mini game or just pops up when you land on the spot? They probably have been giving away the farm so they are tightening up the odds now lol

        • Past few days it’s only been miserable coupons & sweepstakes entries. Of course, if I won a big prize I wouldn’t complain! And yes, the good wins have come from playing the mini games.

          • I have watched those cooking videos so many times it’s pathetic. I did figure out how to mute the sound and speed up playback though! No matter where I drop the blueberry from….it NEVER lands in the yogurt! I have only won a few rewards from spinning the wheel or matching 2 items in the scratch off one. I got 3 donuts with my 1 reward last week but hubby got the $10/$10 and he got 8 pub burgers+ Doritos+mangoes for 16c out the door last weekend! He also cashed in 4 rewards for that giant block of Lucerne sharp cheddar cheese 2 weeks ago. That seems to be quite the deal, since it is $9 without any deals/coupons lately! What has everyone else been winning with their games?

  1. Hah! Today I hit the Play Game button on the blueberry and immediately got 3 sweepstakes entries – Jewel knows how unlikely a win would be so they’re just moving along to the end.

    • Isn’t that odd? My neighbor had no idea she was even earning rewards so I showed her how to claim the items and play the game! How many months have passed and her rewards were just expired!? That exact thing happened when she hit play game to spin a wheel and then I tried to scratch off on mine later and it went directly to the 3 sweepstakes win for me as well! I’m glad you said that because I thought I was doing something wrong! It has happened both on the phone app and on my computer.
      Oh well…they are still tossing us a reward every few days. I am eyeballing that huge jar of minced garlic from the produce section for 3 rewards. I checked in store and they want over $6 for it currently!

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