Jewel Flash Sale means $1.77 Turkey Hill

I shouldn’t call Turkey Hill cheap, ’cause it’s really good.  Tomorrow (7/26) only, get the 1.5 qt size of select varieties for only $1.77 each (limit 4)!  Even better when you can use the $1 coupons in 6/2 and 6/30 rmn.  Turkey Hill had a stand outside my Jewel last week, handing out sample cups with a stack of coupons…but since the coupons weren’t any higher value than the insert ones, why bother?

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6 thoughts on “Jewel Flash Sale means $1.77 Turkey Hill

  1. Go to and there is $1.50/1 “all natural” coupon to print if this type is included in the flash sale. You have to sign up for their site and it only allows you to print 2 times. (I was only able to get 1 to print as there were issues with Qples) I have 3 paper insert $1/1 plus this one in case I decide to load up today!!!

    • The All Naturals is the more expensive line that was part of a Word of the Day promo not that long ago; not sure if that coupon will print for this item, but heck, give it a shot! PITA clipped about 35 coupons and we’ll leave a stack by the Jewel display (handed out some at the food pantry while there). If it were running for more than one day, I’d do more, but clip too many and you get blisters 🙂

  2. I feel stupid asking…..but who or what is PITA? I even looked up top in the coupon terms but I am guessing I should know what that means by now! Thanks!

    • Pain in the Ass…my daughter, who was never mentioned by name as a child (blogging custom), but now I can announce it to the world: Gabrielle Gilberte (Gabby). 10 points if anyone knows where that name came from! FirstBorn is Michael.

        • sigh…you never listen to me 🙁 Good guess for a sidekick, but she was named for the title character in Colette’s novella Gigi: Gabrielle Gilberte (“GG”). Actually, Gabrielle was a part of Colette’s first name, right? And I’ve never watched Xena…has to have been off the air at least 15 years before I watch stuff, right 🙂 You earn another jar of Skippy for the guess.

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