Jewel Clearance Shopping

Can never have too much gum I say and for 37¢ and 40¢ a pack, I’m in.  PITA’s disgusting soy milk was only 37¢, the bags of French Roast whole bean coffee were 99¢ each (god, I hope it’s drinkable) and omg, I’m eating my $1.62 jerky as I type.  All in all, a good haul, since I’d only stopped in for a quart of heavy cream…

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2 thoughts on “Jewel Clearance Shopping

  1. Did you get your Sargento cheese yet? Clip the 75c/1 “Reserve” type manufacturers coupon to add to the 99c priced store coupon and you have yourself 24c cheese! Good cheese…both of us got the Asiago 5 oz. packs of those and he also had a 25c ibotta on his! I must have used one before since I do not have it on mine?
    Also check for the $3 V-8 coupons on J4U, makes the energy and hydrate multi packs only 50c each after cpn!

    • I accidentally got the cheese without paying for it (it slid in my bag) 🙂 so when I stop in later I’ll actually pay for it. Added that 75 cent coupon – thanks for the reminder; neither PITA nor I have the Ibotta rebate.

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