Jewel clearance: more sanitizing products

While you’re at Jewel, check for more clearance items – Lisle had another cart with shelves full of sanitizing wipes for 50¢ along with a few different (unknown) brands for slightly more.  They also had gum and chocolate for 75% off 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Jewel clearance: more sanitizing products

  1. i never cease to be impressed by and envious of your store. that Ocho $2.88 is itself a clearance price, from like $3.99. one local store still had the Ocho on “clearance” for $2.88 last i checked, unless they finally cleared it out.

    your store really pulls the trigger when they want to be rid of something!

    • While I’ve seen great clearance at other stores, the fact that my store has almost the smallest back room of any in the chain has more to do with clearance pricing – they have to move out the old crap for the new crap!

      • 3 cheers for poor blueprints! maybe next we should root for malfunctioning refrigerators/freezers. 😉 (visibly/audibly yet minorly, in a clearance+safety “sweet spot” of sorts.)

        as for the Ocho, the local store now has them at $1.99 (seen on 4/10, and iirc revised on 4/9), in 3 types, so they’re getting there. don’t see them ever reaching $0.72, though.

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