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Frantic call from PITA that the CLEARANCE CART was out!  Yes, our lives are sadly limited.  Strange that it would show up this time of the year, especially since they’re not doing any resets during the holidays.  I picked up a couple of Brittany sea salt mills (from Italy) for only 49¢ and a rosemary take and bake loaf ’cause these are awesome.  No picture, but an entire shelf or more was full of flour tortillas for 27¢ with dates over a month out.  Very cheap quesadillas considering all the JFU cheese offers Jewel has been handing out.

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2 thoughts on “Jewel clearance cart shopping

  1. Oh stop your bragging! But seriously now….I was getting a sinking feeling that something was terribly wrong with you since the last post was about those darn car parts! I was checking and checking here and nothing.
    My Jewel will most likely have nothing priced this low but it is fun seeing your treasures! This is your consolation prize for being in the hospital!? Glad you are back and hope you are getting well! (I just ran upstairs to show husband that THE GODDESS IS BACK!!!) Yes….our lives are sadly limited as well, but we like it this way! Ha!

    • Thanks, rather hysterical to get visits from two home care advisors and the first one asks you if you have stairs at home and someone to take care of you if needed; I hold out my hand and proceed to tell her all my current, past and future COD classes. Next one just pops in to say hi, she’s already read the notes 🙂

      And seriously, just keep checking your store’s clearance ’cause weird shit shows up all over, not just at my location. Some stores get a crap ton sent by corporate that they won’t ever sell; I’ve purchased a shelf of dish soap for less than their cost (and used coupons!).

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