Jewel cheaps and freebies

I took four of the 4L bottles of weird-name bleach – I’ll grab another six later on – for only 99¢ each, a great price and bleach is bleach.  I use it not only on whites, but anything pet-related, so stock up deal.  Think Jewel is clearing out the odd brands and that works for me (except for that nasty toilet paper).  The CORE bars are in a refrigerated section near the deli by me.

On the hazelnut snack, turns out it was a last minute dump to clear the warehouse of a discontinued item; my guess is they didn’t have much to start with.  Should have just put it on the clearance cart to prevent angry customers, since they aren’t substituting anything 🙁

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5 thoughts on “Jewel cheaps and freebies

  1. Oh! Forgot to add, husband found 10c Ramen cups right by the drinks at registers today. We bought a box of 12 but after looking at them, they have over 1100 mg sodium in each little cup! PITA may add these to her donations box as well lol

    • * I also bought a can of generic spaghetti sauce for 50c last week because I was curious and didn’t need a whole jar of name brand for a small recipe I was making that day. It was fine. I bet that was another warehouse clear out?

    • I rarely use those nasty seasoning packets just for that very reason or if I do, it’s split among a couple of packages. Bit of ginger, peanut butter & scrambled egg drizzled through a fork into the boiling liquid and then add noodles – heaven in a hurry :). Didn’t see them up by the front, but I’ll do an aisle check when I return for the bleach later. Thanks for the shout out … and stay away from Lisle until I’m finished 🙂

      • LOL! I don’t even know how to get to Lisle, I am so far down south in the sticks @ Bourbonnais.
        We haven’t been out of Kankakee county since March!

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