Jewel: cheap eggs & beef Flash Sale

Excuse the pun 🙂  I’m looking for a few pounds of Jewel pub burgers, which I wrap individually and freeze – perfect way to keep a handle on waste.  I stopped getting farm lot eggs a few years ago after watching 187k hours of food quality YouTube videos.  Wow, has it already been almost three years since lockdown?  Don’t like the cookies and thankfully don’t need water bottles.  I like their mixed veggies, but don’t know if they’re included and I have several boxes full of the large Muir Glen diced tomatoes from Dollar Tree.

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2 thoughts on “Jewel: cheap eggs & beef Flash Sale

  1. I’ve been hunting around the app price checking and it shows the cans of mixed are included. From $1.49 beans to $1.25 tomatoes to $1 on others like corn, that flash price of 49c is decent! It also shows my “special prices” which are insane!
    My personalized case of water is only $4.27! Can of corn is $1.13 too! I would expect them to sell out of the burgers and eggs but since there was no price tag on the freezer yesterday for those pizzas….they were stocked full!? We grabbed some and will hopefully grab some of these in the new flash sale too!

    • They had coffins of pub burgers when you first walk in in Lisle – naturally we didn’t see them, so had butcher wrap up 8 🙂 Getting tired of all the B1G1 and B1G2 signs on frozen deals without any way to tell what that price is, other than taking everything to a scanner. Spent $30, but then I had guac & chips and lots of produce in there – produce dept had some great deals on good-looking sale items.

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