Jewel (again?!): pet food clearance

Lisle Jewel also had dry dog and cat food (I took one of each) plus a separate cart of kitten food. Check your JFU pet category: I had lots of Fancy Feat coupons and a couple of the deals matched up. Getting free (or a moneymaker) cat food is wonderful. FirstBorn said he didn’t need any more canned food since he’d bought some already … I swear this boy is a changeling.

On the human cart, there were still lots of boxes of pho and ramen broth for $1.87 plus a top shelf of Bob’s Red Mill.  Next to this was a shopping cart full of dry cereal, like shredded wheat & Fruity Pebbles.  Enjoy the savings!

I also earned 1,800 points with  Fetch Rewards!

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