Jewel: 99 cent Keebler Cookies Sunday

Sunday will see another Jewel Flash Sale deal, this time on Keebler cookies.  It’s a one-day only sale – – get up to four packages (I saw Fudge Sticks, Fudge Stripes, Pecan Sandies and more, but they tend to blur) for only 99¢ each.  No coupons out now or tomorrow and no rebates 🙁  I’m never happy.

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3 thoughts on “Jewel: 99 cent Keebler Cookies Sunday

  1. actually, 6.5oz Elfin Mix is in the sale, and has an Ibotta!

    (another sale-included item that might not be obvious is the Vanilla wafers.)

      • – while the product isn’t mentioned by name on the sign, it’s implied via the lower end of the size range (6.5oz). and i did confirm the two types of Mix with an aisle price checker.
        – ah, i don’t actually have access to Ibotta anymore, so was just mindlessly reporting what i saw on CouponTom.

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