Jewel: $2.99 Hills Bros starts Sunday

In case you missed the little ad, Jewel is having a 3 day sale starting Sunday!ย  The Hills Bros cans were $4.99 a few weeks ago and that was a great price (bought a bunch – yes, we go through lots here), but $2.99?ย  Definitely back up the truck time.ย  Only wish there were coupons or rebates out there for either Hills or Skippy, but you can’t have everything ๐Ÿ™‚

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19 thoughts on “Jewel: $2.99 Hills Bros starts Sunday

  1. I still have peelies from the last Skippy sale left! $1/2 and they don’t expire until 2020!
    We both had $2 J4U coupons last time Hills Bros coffee was $4.99, which made it $2.99. This is a steal! Possibly a coupon will appear to post redeem? Oh…there is a 55c/2 Skippy coupon to print. Check their site. I read it on Mashupmom too where she posted a link I believe?

    • I have 9 cans of coffee in my basement from a few weeks ago and receipts to match. Gonna go back and return ’em and rebuy ’cause those will get me 6 more cans for the same $4.99 originally paid.

  2. The Hillshire Farm Deli Select lunchmeats are part of 3 day sale for $1.99, limit 6. Check your Ibotta. I have .75ยข on 8oz low sodium honey or smoked ham, limit 5.

    • Went to 2 Jewels, looking for the Hillshire lunch meat. I don’t think they carry the low sodium and all varieties were ultra thin.

      • I bought a roast beef 7 oz. pack of Hillshire Farms before I read your post about the ham being on ibotta. I saw on Jill Cataldo to use the 75c coupon from several weeks back newspaper. I got 1 for $1.24. It is delicious too!

        This is getting ridiculous about this sale…this morning a J4U popped up for 75c/1 Signature Select frozen pizza! We each bought a pizza yesterday using the digital clipped pizza price of $1.99, so today loaded the new one and clipped the paper coupon and they BOTH come off perfectly at registers! My husband even had a J4U 10% off any frozen pizza this week….his was $1.12 and mine was a whopping $1.24 today! We are trying the square thin crust chicken and bacon with white sauce for lunch today…..basically since the freezer is packed full. We are stocked!

        • ?!?! surprised by that on 2 counts:
          1) two store cpns shouldn’t stack with each other. how do they itemize on the receipt? does one say “Manufacturer” or something?
          2) i thought those coupons in the paper ad were *either/or* with the digitized JustForUs. based on what i’ve read before, and this ad saying “Limit 1 per account”. would these paper ones work on transactions without an account’s phone # put in?

          • My receipt:
            SS PZ FB CB22.7 1.24
            Reg price 4.99
            Sale savings 1.00-
            J4U Store ecpn 0.75-
            Store coupon 2.00-

            (husbands is just like mine only he bought a different pizza and J4U personalized 0.12- right below sale savings 1.00)

            I figured why not try it since we clipped the new 75c/1 coupon, worse thing that would happen is it would just not take it off?
            Yes, you can use the paper coupon without having an account or punching in your number. We saw an older couple each buying pizzas and flour/sugar this morning and had no J4U accounts. We decided not to get any more pizzas since the freezer is full, though the one we ate yesterday was very tasty!

          • Jane: thanks for the detailed reply! seems you found a loophole. and glad that those ad coupons will work separately; hopefully, they stay that way.

            i bought the same pizza! my receipt:

            SS PZ FB CB22.7 1.24 B
            Regular Price 4.99
            Sale Savings 1.00-
            J4U Store eCoupon 2.75-

            yes, i was even more surprised to see two *digital* store coupons combining! as for what was on the separate lines on the register screen, i believe:

            WC CPITEM [x] 0.75-
            DC CPITEM [x] 2.00-

            [x] i think was the start of the pizza name. and it’s possible i have the $ amounts for WC and DC switched.

            i did *not* try scanning the paper coupon i had on-hand, as that would just be unfair. ๐Ÿ˜‰ and also having a full freezer, i regrettably passed on a 2nd pizza.

  3. I was at Jewel yesterday and saw Ditka’s Cooked Italian Sausage in freezer section on clearance for $2.99 (reg. $7.99). I think it was 1lb. They had regular and hot varieties.

    • the local store has ditka’s as well for $2.99; i think the hot. in fact, they have a TON of frozen meats on clearance in an island, the vast majority for $2.99, and most of them burgers (of various meats). those range 16-32oz.

      they’d had sales and weak clearances on some before in the same island. but then replaced them with Thanksgiving turkeys and such for the holiday. then upon bringing them back out from storage, they apparently made a vow: “no way are we moving these again for Christmas!” and knocked them down to $2.99 basically across the board, with original prices being as high as $11.99 or so (upper single digits is more common).

      • And do I not ALWAYS tell you guys to check the freezer endcaps for clearance stuff? Like all the jumbo shrimp that were only a few bucks a large bag (still have a few) or boxes of those wonderful burgers. If you run out of space, see if they’re vacuum-sealed and dump the box. You can always mostly-cook a few and then refrigerate them for even faster meals and less freezer space.

  4. Hurry and check the display of Skippy (was near the Hills Bros coffee mountain at my store) for $1/2 peelies on the creamy PB! We bought 4, but split into 2 separate transactions since they have a limit 3 on these now. These were the same ones they had on the Skippy last time, same expiration dates, but many cases did NOT have peelies. Not sure if they are old or new stock but they all have plenty far off expiration dates!
    Also, check for some 20% more Original Hills Bros cans. I bought 4 cans today…this is an awesome deal!

    • I have to check again on the Skippy and see if the ones being brought out now have peelies – I checked the shelf stock on Friday and they were completely clean, but I’ve been told they have lots, so fingers crossed.

      • a local mariano’s had $1-off-2 peelies on at least 5 of the normal Creamy variety (light blue lid, somewhat turquoise). i forgot to check jewel.

        no mariano’s is nearly as close to me as jewels are, so i realize this might be a silly strategy for most people. but depending on your locale or what shopping route you take in the next 2 days…

        had a reverse situation on the Hills Bros cans a few months back. Butera put them on sale for $4.99 or $3.99 (i think the lower), and Jewel, including a store RIGHT BY one of their locations, had $2 coupons from a Smart Source dispenser! the stars truly aligned. but because i’d never tried the brand before and the cans are big, i only bought one.

        • I usually prefer Maxwell House (used to be JUST Master Blend) but ended up trying Jewels store brand several years ago and actually liked it! Now we have branched out to Hills Bros since they had it for $2.99 with that digital coupon a few months ago. We now like that brand as well! Possibly Hills Bros makes Jewels house brand, who knows?
          Wouldn’t that be great to find a blinkie machine for this awesome coffee sale!? We go through lots of coffee here and coffee stays fresh unopened in steel cans for a LONG time. We may get a couple more cans!

          • I have currently 9 Dark Satin and 8 original blend and plan to get up to 30 before the end of Tuesday. You’re right about it staying fresh (these dates are 2021) but we will probably go through one every 2 weeks based on 10-12 oz bags.

  5. Read this on the Hills Bros site about coffee storage as I was hunting for a coupon:

    Why steel cans deserve another look

    Think getting your coffee in a can is just for your grandparents? Think again.

    Hills Bros Ground coffee

    Good for the Environment
    Steel cans are infinitely recyclable, unlike plastic which can be recycled a limited amount of times.

    Good for Reuse
    Decorate it. Fill it. Dip a paint brush in it. After the last scoop, put your can to work for you.

    Good for Coffee
    Like your coffee fresh? Cans keep it that way, too โ€“ for up to 2 years.
    View Steel Can Coffees

    • True! Remember how our parents and grandparents would store stuff in them on the workbench or kitchen shelf? No plastic containers for them! Except those had nasty little tabs you had to roll along the metal top to remove the strip and when it broke you had to pull out the pliers ๐Ÿ™‚

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