I’ll hunt down Jewel offers, just you see

UPDATE: I found all the Ziyad products at the Carol Stream store on Army Trail Road. Luckily, we have to drive up to Bloomingdale in a bit, so a side trip will work. Hah! on you, Jewel!
Credit to Pita for this one, since I’d pretty much given up on seeing anything other than tortillas and salsa in the Jewel International Cuisine category, but these are som sweet prices and offers and, since we both show them, it’s probably showing up on most of your deals.

A 14 oz bag of dried apricots for only $1.99 is awesome, while those bottles of rose water and orange blossom are incredibly fragrant – I know because I have some purchase from Amazon for more.  Even if you’re not as weirdly-adventurous in cooking and baking as I tend to me, either makes for a wonderful bath when splashed into a hot tub.

Have NOT been able to find this product – or anything from this brand – at any of the stores nearby.  If Jewel can target deals by customer, then they can definitely target deals based on your usual stores.  This is very upsetting, like taking the rattle away from a baby 🙁

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