hullo, Jewel freebie!

Look what popped up this morning in my U™ accounta free box of Bigelow Immunity tea! Been reading about others finding miscellaneous freebies, but figured I’d been kicked to the curb.

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6 thoughts on “hullo, Jewel freebie!

  1. I meant to post this the other day. Wed. morning my husband found a free 8 pack of some sort of tonic mixers in his acct and it was in mine as well. We both clipped it and when we went to Jewel the next day…it was gone!

    I just looked for the free tea in my acct now and they have given me nothing to replace the removed item. That does make me mad when they do that. I bet we aren’t the only ones.

    • From now on I’m gonna take a screen shot of every freebie ’cause yeah, it’s happened to lots of people – fill up the cart and the deal has disappeared by the time you hit the register.

  2. I also had the coupon clipped for the Fever Tree tonic mixers and it disappeared.

    I was at Jewel tonight and decided to try it and it worked! The coupon was good for an 8 pack and it expires 11-24.

    • alternately: congrats! / crap!

      i thought that might happen, but failed to remember the product name or end date. i should have asked for both of them here!

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