Happy T Day – before the hordes descend

Here’s the spread just before we sit down.  Here’s a shot of me – sorry to ruin your appetites :). Lots and lots of food, but I was able to get everything finished ahead of time, leaving only a stuffed turkey and diced potatoes to cook today.  easy-peasy!

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5 thoughts on “Happy T Day – before the hordes descend

  1. I was looking for your table of food on Thursday but missed this post. Glad someone commented! Lovely to be able to sit and sneak a piece of turkey before the meal. It’s rewarding to accomplish your spread!
    *I thought the big bowl top right of close up picture of table was potato salad before read the whole thing! It looks so yellow in that picture, must be tons of butter in those lol
    Hope you had a nice holiday. We had a nice meal too and I’m making soup tomorrow. My favorite left over, since I make stock from the carcass/bones. I even froze another batch of sweet potato/butternut squash puree to make another pie for Christmas. It was the star this year!

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