Got a free yogurt on my JFU account!

There’s a free yogurt available on my JFU account this morning – check and see if you got one, too!

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12 thoughts on “Got a free yogurt on my JFU account!

      • I have $1/1 Bob’s bar on my ibotta as well! MM on that and husband may get lucky on his yogurt, since he has the 75c coupon clipped too!? I already got my BOGO on that one a week or so ago….and now they have signs right under them telling you about the J4U BOGO.

        This morning they added a new freebie….the Sat. sampler…Core power protein shake!

  1. what i got for Special Offers:
    – the 1.48oz Bob’s bar. that has a $0.75 e-coupon of its own (expiring 9/20), which i had clipped; will be interesting to see whether there is overage.
    – King Oscar Royal Fillets Mediterranean Style 4.05oz. looks to be mackerel, from the small photo of the front of container. baffling offer, as i rarely buy fish, and have never bought this brand — though i have clipped coupons for it before. it’s welcome nonetheless.

  2. I got the bobs bar today but they were out of the yogurt. both were the new freebies. They did have the core power shakes. I did get the 75c overage on that extra bobs bar one I had clipped, since manufacturer! Be careful to get the correct bar though. I think the ounces are wrong as I got one 1.7 ounces instead of the 1.4 stated on app. Had to go back and switch because it is VERY specific on the store coupon. 3 choices only! It applied my overage to my town house crackers….so out the door I paid 23c!

    • huh, looks like the Personalized Offer has been edited to 1.76oz. thanks for the heads up. to be sure, you switched TO the 1.76 and then had success?

      • Yes, I originally grabbed an apple spice flavored bar because there were very few left to choose from….but then noticed a few more in another area of that same aisle. It is found in the Osco section down by the nutrition/health products. When I went back to switch bars, I picked “peanut butter jelly & oats”, 1.76 ounces (none on shelf were 1.48?) Package is hot pink with a strawberry on it. The clerk read my app which listed only 3 types, so I grabbed the only thing with JELLY written on it! I know he said chocolate and 1 other flavor as well but it’s gone now to refer to? He was excited to get his bar free too but I told him the offers vary between accts….he got a free pizza, but wanted something to snack on at work!

        • the 3rd flavor is coconut, which is what i wound up getting. i saw the chocolate and that, and an orphaned banana in the coconut slot. however, i didn’t see any jelly bars nor shelf tags.

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