free rice crisps at Jewel this week

This week Jewel has Quaker Rice Crisps on an instant savings deal – when you buy in sets of 3 the price drops to only 50¢ a bag!  Bought six, used three $1/2 coupons from 8/4 S (exp 9/15) which should have made them completely free, but the register refused to accept any, saying something about making it a negative product price.  Manager override made it all good, but really!  We’ll be running the big transaction at the front desk 🙂

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2 thoughts on “free rice crisps at Jewel this week

  1. My husband and I each did a deal with 2- rice crisps plus a box of chewy granola bars using 1 paper coupon plus the J4U 50c/1 granola bars, register took all coupons and total was 51c out the door for all 3!
    I wonder why they refused your insert coupons, they were not over the price paid?

    • No, they weren’t a moneymaker at all (just free), but the registers have been very goofy the past few weeks, so here’s hoping they straighten it all out. And frankly, I’ve never seen the wording used (negative product something or other) on the screen before. As long as they make it work for me, though, I’m happy.

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