NEW WORD! Free Lasagna or Meatballs at Jewel

Jewel switched their Facebook post a couple of hours ago – caught me by surprise. The NEW phrase is ONE GIVES ONE. I’ve posted a picture of the new post so you can see what I mean.  Sucks on their part, frankly.

Free SIMEK’s lasagna or meatballs today only at Jewel with the word of the day.  They’re usually phrases, so I don’t understand….anyway, say SIMEK”s ONE GIVES ONE” at the register and you’ll get your choice for free, no tax or nuttin’.

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1 thought on “NEW WORD! Free Lasagna or Meatballs at Jewel

  1. The phrase for the free Meatballs or Lasagna is One on One. Good thing I went to my usual checker and he gave it to me. Some of the checkers at my Jewel can get a little testy so I try to go when I know my favorite will be there!

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