Free Jewel Offers This Week

Go to your U™ account, click Free Offers.  I had Mediwiper wipes and 2 oz Pro hand sanitizer offers again (both of which were never in stock & these are the 10 ct puny ones) plus the one-day deal on a 12 oz can of Coke with Coffee.  New to me this week are Jaden Wellness hand soap and Riley’s Brewing hand sanitizer – we’ll see if these are available. Pita got all five as well.  Add them on your computer ’cause their APP is gawd awful and seems to be getting worse.  Think their programmers work under the table for Aldi.

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2 thoughts on “Free Jewel Offers This Week

  1. 1) note that the mediwiper is 10-count this time, so maybe they’re stocked differently.

    2) another essentially free offer (manufacturer’s coupon):

    “Save $3.00
    Febreze Plug Warmer Air Care
    ONE Febreze Plug Scented Oil Warmer (excludes Plug Starter Kits and trial/travel size).
    Expires: 10/02/21”

    linked item:
    “Febreze Plug Air Freshener Alternating Scented Oil Warmer – Each
    Your Price $2.99 / ea each . Original Price $3.99”

    so have something diminutive in your cart to offset that penny. 😛 (and hope the coupon agrees to activate in the first place.)

    another nice offer from the same brand is $3-off-2, and Febreze 8.8oz air freshener bottles are on sale for $2.99, making for nice candidates.

    • ah, i see you’re quick with the edits. 😛


      another thing: per the website: Patriotic, 4th of July, and other Summer-themed (e.g. raspberry lemonade sliced cake, key lime cakes) baked goods are FINALLY on seasonal clearance! a hefty 75% off! the discounts supposedly run through 9/28/21, but pretty much everything will be gone by then.

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