Free Covid-19 card lamination

Now that vaccination has been opened to almost all age groups, time to rerun this post!

Both Office Max/Office Depot and Staples are offering free lamination of your Covid-19 card – well, they photocopy both sides and laminate that while you retain the original.  Office Max/Office Depot offer is valid through July 25th and requires that you bring in the coupon, while the Staples program hasn’t announced an end date and there is no coupon or code required.  You also don’t need loyalty accounts with either store. Make sure that the plastic lamination completely seals all four sides because if they cut too close to the paper the seal won’t hold.

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1 thought on “Free Covid-19 card lamination

  1. I meant to thank you. Got my cards laminated a couple of weeks ago. They look great. I haven’t been to Staples in a long while, but was impressed with some prices and excellent service.

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