Free Cheerios at Jewel Friday

Get a free box of Cheerios Oat Crunch tomorrow only (12/6) at Jewel when you tell your cashier “Oat Crunch.” No coupon, code or loyalty account required.  Cheerios shows as one of the new brands on Fetch Rewards, so cash back on the freebie!

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5 thoughts on “Free Cheerios at Jewel Friday

  1. On a related ibotta note, check yours for the 25c back on avocados and the 20c back on limes. Both mine and husbands accounts have it at Jewel and thru Tuesday avocados 49c each and limes 20c each. I have J4U coupon loaded for 75c/3 avocados from Mexico and bought 3 the other day and the coupon did NOT come off. I printed one on to use if I wanted 3 more at end of sale but my cashier had me show her my phone where the deal was in my list and told me you need to hit THE CHECKMARK in order for it to work on certain items!? She manually took 75c off and now it is NOT showing in my list under “category” fruits & vegetables. I feel like an idiot now since I’ve been using J4U for quite some time and never knew why sometimes they don’t come off properly. Does this mean I need to click my whole list twice now? Insanity!
    I am stoked about 24c avocados and free limes though!

    • Yeah, that double click thing is a bitch and has been since the beginning, so why they haven’t removed it is beyond me. I wasn’t able to get the Ibotta avocado rebate because, for whatever reason, the damned thing wouldn’t scan (tried a couple). Scanned fine at the register, but not at home. grrrr

  2. Oh! I know how to make it work for you on the avocado. I had the same problem and decided to skip the scan and just enter the code off the actual avocado. It is: 4046 Avocados from Mexico. I think it didn’t scan since it has 2 different upc bars on label and isn’t reading correctly. I even tried covering up 1 and it still said no match! Try it?

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