.99/5 lbs red potatoes @ Jewel

Edit: Forget that little bird ’cause she’s gonna be kicked to the curb.  This is a weekly JFU deal, so you can only grab the one bag. A little bird whispered (tweeted?) that these 5lb bags of red potatoes will be 99¢ tomorrow at Jewel, so grab one or two and make some mashed potatoes or casseroles since having the stove and oven on over the next couple of nights sounds like a good game plan to me.

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1 thought on “.99/5 lbs red potatoes @ Jewel

  1. I was going to say the exact thing your edit does but today our Jewel actually did have another kind of red potatoes for 99c a 5 pound bag as well as the J4U download. The J4U are butter red and the others just say red? My husband was grabbing the plain ones before we spotted the pile that you are limited to one bag. Both bags look like a nice deal in case you’d like more!

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