Fewer grocery options in the future?

There are a total of 35,372 different products on offer in a typical grocery store, according to a study published several years ago.

Today? Not so much.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many of us from choosy shoppers who gaze upon shelves full of items, pondering the different varieties and flavors, into mission-focused shoppers who will grab whatever kind of toilet paper and canned foods we can find. As a result, there’s a renewed focus on the basics. Many manufacturers have drastically reduced the variety of items they’re producing, and many retailers have dramatically reducing the number of items they’re stocking.  Here’s the Coupons in the News article.  Jewel has started carrying giant cans of Heinz soup and those haven’t been on their shelves since buggy whips were in fashion.  My take – pah, don’t believe it.

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