Double Saturday Samplers?

Today we get doublé Saturday Samplers, two coupons for a 5.3 oz carton of Open Nature  Greek yogurt.  Add to your U™ account by Sunday and redeem by Monday.  Make sure to scan the Fetch Rewards; might as well get at least 25 points from your purchase.

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14 thoughts on “Double Saturday Samplers?

  1. oh so shockingly O_o , they have pulled one of those.
    is still up.
    is not.

    as with past cases of flakiness and short-lived generosity, there’s a good chance this will still work in-store.

    fortunately, you and i both clipped both coupons before the latest employee gyration.

    as for those who didn’t, i wonder whether using “Inspect” in a computer web browser to edit ANOTHER coupon’s “Clip Coupon” button to point to # 84603190 would do the trick…

    • to add to that: i recall past cases of identical e-coupons, or even similar e-coupons with different face values by the same manufacturer, failing to activate in the same transaction at jewel-osco registers.

      so even if you DID clip both, you might well have to break their redemption into two separate transactions.

    • Nope, only one coupon now shows on my account. I’m glad I didn’t stop in ’cause it’s not worth a possible fight at the register. I’d say effing whores, but I’m too polite…rat bastards.

      • Lucky my husband and I ran over there at around 8 am this morning and grabbed BOTH clipped yogurt!
        How odd there was even 2 there to clip? I’d still try them both if I were you.

        • *this is a copied/pasted post from their facebook page! I had 2 free on the app, neither one rang up free instore. Manager said it was a glitch and it was only supposed to be 1. Not even the 1 rang up free. Had to go to the service desk to get my money back. Typical Jewel. They either have a ‘glitch’ or they just flat out remove things from the app with no notice to the consumer. No apology either.

  2. after having clipped both e-coupons on Saturday morning, i tried buying the 2 yogurts on Sunday night, at 9:03pm.

    first, i attempted both in a single transaction: only 1 coupon deducted.

    so i voided 1 yogurt, and tried it again in a separate transaction: still no go on the freebie.

    they must’ve done something to further disable the extra/second offer during the weekend.

  3. have you seen the new jewel ad? why, the noble Saturday Sampler plays a role in it, too:

    according to Page 4, the Saturday Sampler is: “Violife 100% Vegan Slices, Shredded or Cream Cheese
    FREE, Save up to $4.49
    (Clip dates) Feb 11th – Feb 12th 2023
    [Redeem Dates: 2/11/23-2/13/23]
    7.05-8 oz., Select Varieties

    oh, according to Page 9, it is also: “Fast Twitch Energy Drinks
    FREE, Save up to: $2.49
    12 oz.
    For U Coupon Clip Dates: 2/11/23-2/12/23.
    Redeem Dates: 2/11/23-2/13/23”

    two theories on this intriguingly bountiful ad:

    1) Jewel-Osco really IS offering two totally separate, distinct Saturday Samplers this week.



    if #1 turns out to be the case, i will happily eat my words (utterances).

    however, i find it vital to my mental and indeed my circulatory health to get the “AHAHAHHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAHAHA!!#%!“ out of my system in advance.

    for a further dose of serenity, ask me how Mariano’s handled the e-coupon for the very Gatorade Twitch item featured on page 9 of the Jewel ad.

      • they had an e-coupon with some non-trivial discount off of a bottle of Gatorade Fast Twitch.

        the text of the coupon included something like (paraphrasing from memory): “Clip now and save later”, as the brand new product hadn’t yet arrived on store shelves.

        the coupon expiration date was pretty sure 1/29/2023.

        my best estimate of its debut: 1/23/2023.


        so a Mariano’s e-coupon gave the consumer about 6 days to take advantage of a product that didn’t even exist at Mariano’s yet!

        not sure how much of those dates were the manufacturer’s decision versus mariano’s/kroger’s, but holy crap, that’s dumb!

        meanwhile, i’ve got a Miss Jones baking products e-coupon issued weeks back expiring *12/31/2023*. and there were legions of those Lundberg Farms $0.75 e-coupons issued throughout (the second half of?) 2022 and expiring 12/31/2022.

        but Gatorade or Kroger decided that a coupon for caffeinated electrolyte water was too potent to be left in our hands for more than several days. o_O

        • ooh, now that mariano’s actually carries the product, there’s a new e-coupon for a FREE Fast Twitch, and expiring a pretty reasonable March 10, 2023 at that! way to redeem yourselves. 😀

          the tag/category on the e-coupon is “Savings for You”. why, it’s like they read my complaint here. 😉

  4. Don’t forget to get any flash sale items tomorrow at jewel, the last day to grab them! Along with your free bottle of Coke! Saw the post of 6 sale items on Facebook a day late. I hope they don’t run out of Home Run Inn pizza….this is an awesome deal.

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