Don’t forget your free cereal today!

Get a free box of Grain Berry cereal today, Friday the 3rd, when you tell you cashier “Onyx Sorghum” at the register.  No coupons, codes or loyalty account required.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t forget your free cereal today!

  1. We got the flakes and I tried them this morning. I liked them! I was expecting cardboard or hard as concrete and they were neither.
    Also check inside your boxes for a whole sheet of their coupons. They never expire, though are not very high value either, ranging from 35c-50c on Grain Berry or Silver Palate items. Possibly Jewel will have a deal or BOGO price in the future?

    • That’s good news on the taste front! Jewel policy is to not accept coupons without expiration dates, so it depends on your store/cashier/register. I wish manufacturers would put on SOME kind of date, even if it was years out. And since this is something new and stocked on the bottom shelf at my store, it’s likely to end up on the clearance cart after six months, leaving lots of space for more frosted sugar bombs.

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