don’t forget to shop Dollar Tree

I periodically test Dollar Tree products to compare against grocery and drug store items.  A few months ago I tried their powdered dishwasher detergent and was really pleased with how well it worked!  So well I put the Cascade back in in the cabinet and picked up another box today, along with the aspirin.  On Saturday, DH wanted a pain reliever, so we went to Jewel where he was (well, so was I) shocked at the price of the small bottle of 325 mg generic aspirin – $5.49!  Not shown is the two boxes of tissue cubes I made PITA buy herself ’cause I’m tired of her being too lazy to keep a larger & cheaper box in her own room instead of wiping out the pathetic few in those cubes.

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  1. I love Dollar Tree! Today I found Special K red berries 11.7 oz. boxes of cereal. I got 7 boxes, using 2-$1/1 coupons I spent 850 points each on Kellogg’s plus $3/5 printed for free! $2.07 out the door for 7 boxes of good cereal!
    I also found Fiber One and Crunchy Oats boxes that day the $2/4 GM cereals coupon was in the paper. 50c each for those is a steal as well! I was hoping to find more today….but settled on the Special Ks! I also like their frozen steak fries and tater tots as well as the frozen stir fry veggies. My store was restocking shelves today and had a decent supply of essentials.

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