Dollar Tree freebies today

I used the $1 coupon in today’s SmartSource for free Hungry Jack instant potatoes!  Naturally the coupon wouldn’t scan even though it’s a product pictured, but then it’s been quite some time since I had a functioning coupon at Dollar Tree 🙂 Your mileage may vary, depending on whether or not you have a coupon-friendly store.

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8 thoughts on “Dollar Tree freebies today

  1. Nothing scans at my Dollar General and they refuse to accept them if they don’t! Makes me so mad, especially if it’s an insert coupon and not a printed one for exactly like the one you used on the potatoes.
    Last week I tried to use an 80c/1 any CHEERIOS coupon from the actual box of Cheerios on the berry ones they had on an end cap full size box. No reason why it would not scan. It has to be their registers. I asked if they could manually enter it in and she said NO!
    All of the regular employees have left now and been replaced with newbies at my store, managers included, so they are not coupon friendly. It’s sad really since I’ve been shopping there forever.

  2. I just saw Jewel has the carton of Hungry Jack hash browns for $1 this week! I think they WILL accept this coupon! possible score???

  3. Get this; I looked for the hash browns with the other potatoes at Jewel and could NOT find that darn carton. As I looked, I saw a big box (6.1 oz) of family sized au gratin boxed potatoes for exactly $1! I wondered if they subbed in these for that box of hash browns now? I went to self check and they are not in the system. Had to have cashier manually enter in the $1 under “grocery”. So naturally that coupon would not attach to the un branded boxes. My cashier manually entered in my 2 $1 coupons and I paid just 2 cents!
    But it gets better….Checkout 51 has $1 back on 1 Hungry Jack product and no coupon exclusions and they actually gave me my $1! I was sure it would reject it. If you still have your DT receipt, try to get your dollar too!?

    • Dug receipts out of recycling, so both Pita and I can score our buck. Thanks so much – I always forget about Checkout51 & I have over thirty bucks there. Nice to be rich 🙂

    • nice find. i’m a regular CO51 user, yet somehow looked right past that. (or maybe i figured shelf price would be too high? i was also unaware of the $1 sale.)

      and it’s a rarity these days for their rebates to be coupon stackable! (i have no flyer coupon, but still enjoy reading about this stuff.)

    • if the hash browns were entered as a generic Grocery item, then how’d you get credited from Checkout51? what did that receipt look like?

      • That’s why I assumed it would be rejected since the receipt just said grocery. I would have taken a picture of them if needed but they did not ask for anything else! She had to manually enter in the $2 coupon value (for 2) so the item $1 grocery + $1 grocery=$2 – $2 manufacturer coupon showed I only paid 2 cents tax for the order. Happy!

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