disappearing JFU deals

Sadly, not a surprise that the Jewel U™  very good price on half and half disappeared from my account; stopped in yesterday and they were completely OOS on everything but fat-free.  I ask you, why would you want to buy a fat product with the fat removed?  Rode this same warehouse rodeo for months, so not surprised and am convince there are Aldi moles working at corporate.

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2 thoughts on “disappearing JFU deals

  1. Your disappearing personalized price reminds me of a while back when we had clipped a coupon (some freebie) and it disappeared from our accounts but it was still there and worked. Not sure if you want to try buying it to see if personalized price will apply. You might try having Customer Service price scan /ring it up (after entering your phone number). That is if you can find it

  2. I thought we were crazy! My husband had a nice PP for 16 ounce Signature frozen veggies 25c and the listed included products were all priced $1.25-$1.99. Yesterday he got the broccoli ($1.99)and it rang up @ 99c. Why not just say $1 off then? Like your half&half price, it said unlimited and limit 1 per day. Today he tried the cheaper $1.25 peas and the coupon is GONE! He saw it this morning before we left still on his acct too.

    I haven’t won anything except a coupon from the new game but check your accounts for 2 free alcohol drink mixers. We both have margarita mix and bloody Mary mixes FREE today! They will not last long on shelves if we all got them so hurry! 1 is a bottle and the other is 4 cans, both priced $6.49….rang up zero with no tax!
    *we are having happy hour at 5 out in back yard! :>)

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