Dealing with the first small prick

Got 1st Pfizer shot at DuPage County Fairgrounds yesterday (3/16). Very coordinated and working well. If you live or work in DuPage and are eligible, sign up for weekly email updates and then the magic email comes with link to dates & times. They schedule your 2nd dose on the spot (with a choice); you can have the invite sent to your email and/or have it printed at the table.  There’s also a table of “goodies” like bottled water, sanitizers, masks and probably more, but I didn’t bother to check it out – I wanted to exit, stage left.  Longest wait was in the line at the parking lot but that was only because for once I was 30 minutes early!  Once I got in (on time), I was driving out the parking lot 24 minutes later.

Glad to be done with the constant checking on the always-crashing Walgreens site, never heard back from Meijer and I firmly believe Jewel expected me to hit someone in a walker to free up a spot.

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2 thoughts on “Dealing with the first small prick

  1. Glad you got one! Any reaction to the shot today? My husband got his 2nd Moderna on Sunday and he didn’t get any reaction to either shot! Others I have talked to range from arm soreness to full blown fever and weakness. It seems the older people fare better for some unknown reason. My husband is 71 and my friends husband is 50 something and he got pretty sick. Come to think of it my other friends hubby is late 50s and he got kinda sick too. My neighbor (woman in her mid 60s) got sick for over a day but her mom who is in her 80s got nothing! I haven’t gotten mine yet because I am too young! lol

    • Not even the slightest hint of soreness yesterday or today, but I wasn’t expecting any. I think it’s the second dose that triggers the strong reactions so we’ll see how it goes in a few weeks. But even if I’m super tired and spend the day on the couch, what’s the difference between that and any other day this past year?

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