Coupons at Walgreens for gift cards?

Using counterfeit coupons to get groceries for free is so last decade. The latest criminal craze is using fake coupons to get free gift cards that you can use to buy anything you want. But it only works if you don’t get caught.

And three accused coupon criminals have just been caught.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has announced the arrests of 25-year-old Kenya Morris (pictured above, at left) and 26-year-old Thelma Flint (pictured at right), both of Rivera Beach, Florida, and 45-year-old Ramona Foster of Gardendale, Texas. The three are accused of taking part in a counterfeit coupon scheme that scammed Walgreens stores across Florida out of more than $30,000.  Frankly, I’m amazed they could get that many Walgreens registers to accept any coupons!  Here’s the Coupons in the News article.

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