Consumers: Bring Back Self-Checkouts!

Griping about self-checkout machines has become as cliche as complaining about airline food or snarking about those “Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law” tags on mattresses. Yet, as though we’ve been transported back to the 1990’s, some people still feel compelled to do it. “Self-checkouts are so annoying! Why would I want to bag my own groceries? Unexpected item in the bagging area! Amirite, folks?!”

Yet it appears that self-checkouts have quietly become more popular than ever.

A new survey of grocery professionals finds that the percentage of shoppers using self-checkout is the highest it’s ever been. Among the many insights in the Food Marketing Institute’s newest annual “The Food Retailing Industry Speaks” report is this little nugget: “Consumer self-checkout usage gained slightly to 15 percent of transactions, which marked a new high for this activity”.  Read entire article from Coupons in the News here.

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