Check your JFU store time again

Start of a new sale week, so once again it’s time to play Check your Store and see what JFU freebie or cheapie you can get by switching locations! Switch to 60559 and they’ll make it real easy for you – check the free offers category! I was able to add a free can of bubbl’r sparkling antioxidant water, a loaf of Jewel bread and a 4-6 oz container of Yoplait yogurt (bubbl’r shows up on all the zip codes I checked). Also showing 49¢ Signature Select French bread and 99¢ Taylor Farms chopped salad.  I checked out 60439 and they have most of the same items (not all) and nothing extra 🙁 Although the items will disappear from your list once you change stores, they’ll reappear when you swap back, but still come off no matter where you shop. Jewel is making us work for deals! The picture is from a transaction I ran with hidden deals after entering my JFU number – red is good in this case!  Don’t forget to add those 2X bonus rewards since why not get something for nothing (and don’t forget to scan your receipt for at least 25 points using Fetch Rewards).

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3 thoughts on “Check your JFU store time again

  1. The free Bubbl’r sparkling water is in this week’s ad, on upper left corner of front page. It says limit 2, so I’m assuming 2 free.

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