Check JFU for cheese reset deal

My $2 chunk price has now morphed into a $1.56 shreds price and the BOGO deal runs through the 28th, so check your JFU and see if either has reset and you have one or the other or both (PITA got both last week).  It’s a limit one, so two with the BOGO and pay $1.56 for a pound of cheese.  Thanks to Jane for the heads up.

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1 thought on “Check JFU for cheese reset deal

  1. I got 2- 8 oz. Swiss chunks today and the deal worked properly (again) at register this morning. I was happy since we didn’t see the Swiss in the shreds! My husband has NO CHEAP CHEESE this week on his! (which I find odd, since he bought a ton last week of the shreds?) Possibly his will appear magically tomorrow like mine did for the shreds. He even scrolled down to the bottom of his “new deals” list!

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