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FullSizeRender (1)Starting tomorrow, September 13th, Jewel will have O Organics ground beef on sale for $3.99 a pound (they also have the new patties for $4.29, but they’re so new my butcher’s never seen them!).  Use the $2.50 store coupon in the newest Big Book of Crap (which, in all fairness, is pretty decent this time) found when you come in, at the front counter, lots of places, and pay only $1.49 for the one pound package.  Coupon has $5 or higher price wording, but I don’t think these prices have ever been in touch with reality – – some items previously required a $1.29 price on a standard 99¢ bottle of water!  To recap, I’ve never had the slightest problem with the coupons scanning, but if you have a hostile Jewel or cashier, step back and either get a new store or cashier.  or a large plastic whiffle bat...makes a lot of noise but doesn’t really to any damage.

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  1. Even when the coupon says – one coupon per transaction and one coupon per customer – it will still scan multiple coupons in the same transactions??

    • No, most of these coupons say “coupon scanned” after the first one, which makes you think it’s coming off, but the cashier has to actually enter it (keep your eye on the total). I’ll try tomorrow to see if that’s the case with this one. The Spend $XX coupons get free whatever or $X off all work on the same transaction, but these are weird ones.

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