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Switch your store, and find more Jewel deals!  I changed my store (to Westmont) and suddenly I had free Signature SELECT French Bread, 49¢ Signature Farms Romaine Hearts and a 2X points in produce department which I clicked and added to my list (if you change stores, they disappear, but reappear when you change the store back). Click them onto your list and they’ll come off no matter what store you shop at 🙂

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9 thoughts on “change store for more JFU deals

  1. Plus both husbands and my acct have $3.49 DiGiorno pizza plus there is that $1.50/1 coupon already loaded to my account. Won’t that make 1 pizza only $1.99? I also show $5/$50 again this week….nice finds again!

    • i thought the $1.50-off-1 was a paper flier one. the JustForU i have loaded is a $5-off-3 10.6oz or larger, expiring 1/31/20. what’s the expiration date on your $1.50/1? about when did it show up?

      • It showed up right when we got that paper insert one for $1.50. Mine and husbands both show that yellow “special pick”, and expire on 1-31 like the $5/3 one on J4U.

  2. 1) don’t forget Refreshe Spring or Purified water, 24-pack of 16.9 fl oz bottles, for $1.49 !

    2) the $0.49 is alternatively good for 1lb baby carrots, but i’ll admit the lettuce is the better deal. now, they’re both on sale for $1.50, so the combined price will be the same — IF you buy both from Jewel. however, since baby carrots are readily had for a dollar elsewhere (e.g. Bolthouse at Walmart for $0.98), lettuce indeed wins in the J4U.

    • Ok. Back from Jewel to report the pizza deal worked and shows the J4U price of $3.49 as Store coupon and the $1.50 off shows as manufacturers coupon on receipt.
      The romaine came off correctly at 49c BUT the French bread did NOT come off as FREE. I first grabbed the long Signature Select loaf but exchanged it for the 2 mini loaves because the long one is 12 oz. and the minis are 14 oz. I should have kept the long one in cart but luckily I showed cashier the phone and she manually took off $1.79 for my FREE bread!
      The plant based word of day dressing looks good! I got ranch and husband got lemon garlic. He didn’t do any of his J4U deals today, letting me test the waters lol!

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